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File several support tickets on the following dates 5/4/2016, 5/5/2016, 5/6/2016, 5/15/2016 for (1) outdoor camera that has water in it with poor visibility and now a new ticket for 7/13/2016 for a camera that doesn't work at all. Called customer service just to get the run around.

One tech tells me to unplug the camera and try to plug it in again to see if the visibility cleared up witch it didn't I then told him a I wasn't *** it has water in it and plunging it in and out is not going to make a difference, then he creates a RMA and tells me to go on line to create a account, then create a support ticket.

Wait time for customer service is also ridiculous. Model F6DVR8-1TB

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Towanda, Pennsylvania, United States #1230484

Same issues here, they do not want to honor there warranty, had 1 camera new right out of that didn't work, made numerous calls getting same run around

Gregory, Texas, United States #1224016

Night owl support sucks. they take forever to respond,and they never help you.

The warranty is a lie. I will throw there garbage where it belongs. Scammers.

At least my dog responds when I call him. Should have bought more dog food instead of a Night Owl Security system.

San Diego, California, United States #1185345

Return those cameras they are scammers and boy did they act *** when i told them what happend. These cameras seemed pretty good but once we tried looking at them through our phones it didnt work!

So i called customer service which by the way sucks! I told them my problem and they gave me the number for the"tech department" they asked for permission to control my cameras i gave them my password thinking what could happen nothinh bad its there job. Then they ask permission to access my laptop? Now that was bit weird but i still gave them my password.

Turns out this guy who has a rough accent his name was christopher smith i barley understood his english! He was persuading me to buy a antimalware for my mac and kept asking me how many mac devices i owned, He asked me to stay on my laptop while he went through it. First of all problem was the cameras not my computer! Thats when i had enough and told him i had to leave and i was going to shut my computer.

He kept begging me not to and that he would fix the camera issue. I cleared my history logged out and shut it down asap!! He was frusterated that i turned it off because he wasnt able to access it anymore. Why the *** would night owl security cameras give me this number for technical help?!

Scamers! I returned these cameras and have warned people.

I went to the mac store and they said it was all a scam and to never let anyone on the other side of the phone access ur laptop. Even SWANN security cameras ask to access ur laptop but don't !!

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